I’m a husband, father, lover of nature, photographer, author and videographer.

Nature and our connection to it has been part of my life since I was a kid growing up in Pennsylvania through age nine and after that in Minnesota. I began photographing as a kid, too, including building my own darkroom. I loved books, so it was natural I wanted to write, too.

I studied plant and soil science in college, worked as a naturalist, but my love of photography and writing stayed with me throughout, leading to a career in writing, photographing, publishing and video. I have written a lot of articles about photography and nature, plus too many books for me to want count anymore. Like I said, I love to photograph and write.

This is my “overview” website, and I am continuing to evolve it. Right now, you can click on the menus above to get to my course, see my blog, look at some photo galleries or see some of my books.

Many people remember me as the editor of Outdoor Photographer magazine, but today, my work is mostly with nature and connecting people to nature through photography and writing.