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I'm Rob Sheppard and my mission is to connect people and nature through photography with celebration and joy. Nature photography, for me, is about finding ways to create meaning and joy in your photography and connecting people with the natural world. I consider myself a naturalist, nature photographer and videographer. I have been busy over the years creating many books related to photography, including Landscape Photography: From Snapshot to Great Shot, The Magic of Digital Landscape Photography, The Magic of Digital Nature Photography, and the National Geographic Field Guide to Digital Photography. A Nature Photography Manifesto and Reports from the Wild are available from Apple’s iBookstore. I get around as a speaker and workshop leader, and I am a Fellow with the North American Nature Photography Association. I was the long-time editor of the prestigious Outdoor Photographer magazine and presently am a contributing editor. My education was both as a photographer and a naturalist specializing in ecology and botany.

Camera Lens Degradation

Do you know the flowering plant often called kangaroo paw (or toes)? The flower buds are these long, fuzzy rounded tubes that remind people of kangaroo paws (sometimes names for natural things can be fun and a little crazy). I … Continue reading

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Pruning Trees and Photo Gear

I admit it. I am a bit sensitive to how people treat the life around us that isn’t human. The life on this planet is far greater than any measure of human beings. And in spite of our belief that we can … Continue reading

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Puzzling Out Night Nature and a Trailcam

Normally, I am unfazed by animal scat (droppings, poo, you get it). I have spent enough time outside to know the difference between deer and rabbit droppings, fox and raccoon, and so on. But when I found big round chunks … Continue reading

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Photography Is Not Just One Thing

In the last post, I talked a bit about how a photojournalistic approach has helped me “get the shot” in varied conditions. A photojournalistic approach is about communicating how you connect with your subject so that others can, too. I … Continue reading

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When You Have to Get the Shot

As I drove into the forest service recreation area, I saw all these white spots on the hillside next to the road. Flowers! I wanted to know what they were, so I had to stop and check them out. They were Mariposa … Continue reading

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The Importance of Shallow Depth of Field

Shallow depth of field is an important part of the craft of photography. So often I get questions about how to get more depth of field, which can be important, yet getting less can be really, really helpful in creating … Continue reading

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Change of Venue

You may have noticed a change for my blog. I am moving my blog,, here, maybe temporarily, maybe permanently. The original site has to be moved, but I am not sure when the person working on it can move … Continue reading

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Being Me – Being You

It has taken me a long time, a lifetime in fact, to learn a very simple rule for getting the best from my photography. Be me. Over the years, I have chased the looks of photographs made by well-known photographers … Continue reading

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The Joy of Minnesota Nature

Here is a sampling of photos from my recent trip to Minnesota. I am working to find images and compositions true to the area and authentic to Minnesota nature rather than simply taking generic nature photography ideas and applying them … Continue reading

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Photo Deconstruction and Exploding Images!

Many years ago when I was trying to really understand how photos worked, I used to spend time going through published photos and analyzing them carefully. How did this photographer use space? Why did this photographer put the subject there? … Continue reading

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