Nature’s Jobs

WildJobs cover borderI now have a children’s nature ebook with lots of photos that is available on It is Nature’s Job’s. It can be read on any tablet, such as an iPad with a Kindle app or on a Kindle tablet. also offers free Kindle software to allow Kindle books to be read on any computer.

I put together Nature’s Jobs to connect young readers to nature by linking the idea of jobs that we humans do with jobs done in nature. There are about 90 photos in 74 pages, along with text to stimulate interest in nature. I tried to keep the book colorful and lively for a young audience.

Next are some sample pages, but before I share them, I can use your help. is heavily driven by reviews of books. Reviews make a big difference in how books show up in searches. If you get this ebook, please do a review for the book on, even if the review is short. That would be greatly appreciated!

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