The Art of Choice Course

What’s the best technique for exposure? Do I have to use manual exposure? How do I find and choose a good composition? What depth of field is best for my subject? Over a lifetime in photography plus my years at Outdoor Photographer, I learned so many great techniques and processes in photography that have consistently helped me make better choices in my photography. Plus I have learned how to deal with the choices needed to make the most of that craft.

I wanted to share these ideas with you, so I spent a lot of time developing this class to do that. I used information from my followers on my email list, from my experiences teaching all sorts of photographers around the country, my time as Outdoor Photographer editor for many years, and from my experience of what works best for me. We all make choices in photography, but for me, the choice you make is all about how you use the craft of photography to make it work best for YOU.

This all comes together in my course, The Art of Choice, Making Good Choices in Photography, which includes 37 lessons in 12 sections, special exercises for each, help on evaluating the exercises, and 21 short instructional videos to complement the lessons.

I know it can be easy to spend thousands of dollars on a new camera or lens, yet when you start shooting, you realize that nothing has really changed for your photography. I put this course together to give you the tools to truly affect your photography. And it costs only $67 for everything. Plus it is yours to come back to whenever you want, to take in whatever order you want.

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Here’s some more information for you about the course. The sections include:

  1. The key to dealing with all choices – Saying No
  2. Simplifying composition
  3. Sharpness like the pros get
  4. Controlling depth of field
  5. Simplifying light choices
  6. Good white balance choices
  7. Real exposure choices
  8. Noise
  9. Using Live View
  10. Buying gear
  11. Practice!!

The course includes these unique and integrated elements:

  • A photo-filled PDF book of lessons designed to be used well on a tablet and can be read on any computer.
  • Exercises designed to help you anchor the learning from each lesson and encourage you to get out and photograph!
  • Each exercise includes sample photos with questions to guide you in evaluating and learning from the exercise on your own or with a friend.
  • A total of 21 short video lessons in seven video segments. These video lessons were deliberately produced to be short and to the point to encourage you to watch and learn from them.
  • A small e-booklet of all of the lesson’s exercises designed so that you keep it on your smart phone and use whenever you want to.

This course is for any photographer who wants to hone, learn or refine the skill of choice for better photographs. Whether you are a beginner or intermediate, whether you photograph nature, people, or anything else, I want to be able to help you do that better.

Here are some sample pages from the lessons:


































































I want you to come away from this workshop with:

  • Helpful strategies to make the best decisions in how you use technique and gear while you were photographing.
  • Specific exercises that you can do anywhere, that will encourage you to make these lessons stick.
  • Stronger skills in the craft of photography, becoming a force with your camera in a positive environment.
  • More confidence in your skills and abilities as a photographer.

A photographer is someone who photographs so let’s photograph! Grab your camera and rediscover the joy of the craft of photography.

Buy The Art of Choice course now.