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Thanks so much for signing up to get this free book, 6 Steps to Better Nature Photography, and be part of my occasional newsletter email list! It means a lot to me! You are a special group and I really wanted to create something special for you. First, there is that free eBook you wanted:

Click here to download your free book. (You can also right-click and select Save As.)

This book can be read on any computer or tablet. It is formatted especially to work well on a tablet. For example, you can open it on an iPad by downloading directly or transferring it to your iPad with something like Dropbox, then open it in iBooks.

Second, now that you and I are subscribed, I will be sending out the very occasional email with my latest tips and strategies. These tips only get sent to my email list, so be sure you white list my email address and stay subscribed so that you don’t miss them.

Feel free to send this eBook to anyone you like. They don’t even have to subscribe. Of course, it would be nice if they did!

23 Responses to Your free eBook download

  1. Chris says:

    Tried several times and unable to open PDF file for e-book

  2. Joan Corrie says:

    Thanks for all the helpful advice and encouragement. I love photography, but need some prodding to be active with the camera in this Illinois winter weather. You are providing that.

  3. Lorraine Crawley says:

    Thanks for your book Rob. Full of quality information as always.
    Am looking forward very much to your new Macro book and the Craftsy class.
    Best wishes, Lorraine.

  4. Andrea LeBlanc says:

    I could open it on my Mac, but it was slow in loading. Started reading the chapter on macro, but when I went back to earlier pages they were blank and I only got the interminable spinning ball! Will try again.

  5. Bob Mielke says:

    Just so you know I had no problem downloading you book. Thanks for the information and your wonderful website. – Bob

  6. Enjoying your Craftsy classes (and hoping you will do more!). No problems downloading, opening or saving the PDF. Delighted to have it!

    Thank you!

    — Joanna

  7. Kim says:

    Hi Rob. I downloaded the book, but am unable to open it. Have tried a number of ways. The common message is that it is not a valid PDF file.

  8. Toby Leeson says:

    Rob, I very much look forward to your “personal” messages and material. I read all your blog posts and gain much from them; you’re writing is excellent, almost as great as your images. Keep them coming, you’re awesome!


  9. Shelia Allen says:

    I enjoy your blogs and all the wonderful information you share as well as your awesome photography. My husband and I spent Wednesday morning with your friend Chuck Summers, he was kind enough to give us a tour of the Henderson Sloughs WMA and the eagles were awesome although we didn’t get to witness a feeding it is so awesome just to watch them. I appreciate the free book but I can’t open it either not sure what’s going on but I would really love to read it if we can figure out what’s going on. Thank you again for all your information you so freely give.
    God’s Blessings to you

  10. Shelia Allen says:

    I finally got the book to open sorry for any inconvenience, can’t wait to get started reading it.

  11. Kathy Eyster says:

    I’m also having trouble downloading the book. I’ve tried with both Firefox and Chrome on a Mac (10.8.5). Even restarted the machine but no luck. Hopefully there is an easy solution! 🙂

    • Kathy Eyster says:

      I was finally successful by doing the following via Firefox on a Mac:
      1) click the link in the web page to start the display.
      2) click the download link from the file display.
      3) wait for the 41 page document to download over my slow connection 😉
      Thanks Rob!

  12. Hugh Nourse says:

    Thank you, Rob. I was able to download the PDF, and it is now on my desktop. Just had a brief chance to look at it. Looks great so far.

  13. Katharina says:

    Thank you , Robert. I had no problems downloading the PDF.
    Thanks once more for the excellent information 🙂

  14. Harry Jeffries says:

    pdf download did not work.

  15. Teresa de Jesus Hernandez says:

    I opened it, without problem. Excellent e-book . Love it.

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